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Eleven-year-old African-American LUANNE CARVER whose mother has just died discovers a well-kept family secret: legend would have it that her grandfather LEROY TERRELL sold his soul to the Devil to become a prodigious bluesman in the Mississippi Delta during the Depression era a hundred years ago! Luanne sets out to find out the truth behind this strange story. Was it the cause of her mother’s early death? Why is her father so adamant about keeping her grandfather’s life a secret? Like Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Luanne suddenly finds herself propelled on a magical journey as she is transported to:

THE MISSISSIPPI DELTA – a hundred years earlier…
Hot on the trail of her grandfather’s life, Luanne encounters a host of characters from his past who help her piece the puzzle.

Leroy’s story is full of dramatic moments set in the background of violence, racism, hard work: all those ingredients that make up the blues as the cry of the soul. But as portrait of her grandfather growing up in the Delta and being led to music comes to life, one unanswered question still haunts Luanne: did he or not sell his soul to the Devil to play his music?

Nearing the end of her journey, Luanne decides to change the past and face her grandfather and the Devil at midnight at the infamous crossroads where Faustian bargains are usually made. But what she finds out will surprise her and change her life forever… and put her on a new path in her own life!

Is the Devil really the one you think he is?